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The small satellite city of Katy which is a far-flung suburb of Houstom=n in Texas has had a long history. The initial settlement date is recorded as 1872 and has gone through a multitude of changes since then. Similar to most of the regions of Texas, there is a lot to do whether it be healthy activities such as trail walking, hiking or monutib=n bike riding or whether you just want to while away the day under a wide branch leafy tree, there is something for everyone to do in Katy.

part of the cities make up is the Mary Jo Peckham Park, which is otherwise known locally as the park for all children. The park itself rates as having 65% of all viistors rating this as a great place on Trip Advisor. The park has numerous walking paths and trails and is kept very clean by groundstaff.

The park also comes with a large lake, where boating, kayaking are great past times. The lake is also well-stocked with fish eating that it is a good reason to take your fishing poles when you go and let the ki=ds enjot=y themselves on the river bank in the attempt to catch a fish.

The city has been classed as having a diverse economy, great entertainment and a good cost of living compared to other Texas towns and as well as other cities around the country. On the downside, some think that the summers are too hot and too humid and others feel that Katy is an unattractive setting.

The job growth in Katy is on the increase while unemployment id=s decreasing and the average salary according to regular surveys is pegged at $73,006 per year. Property prices are reasonable with the median house values at $248,700 which equates to roughly 4 years of the average salary.

When it comes to crime, the city of Katy is much less than the US average, however, property crime is well above the national average. These instances occur through burglary, larceny, motor theft, and arson.

All things took equally, Katy Texas is a good place to live, is less than a 30-minute commute from bright lights of Houston while allowing a more residential type neighborhood. The area surrounding Katie allows a wide range of activities, particularly those that are outdoor related such as trail walking and mountain bike riding. In short, Katy would be a very nice place to spend a week while getting some fresh air.

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